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When you work with Meihaus Construction Group, you get exceptional workmanship and a truly customized home that exceeds your expectations. Why settle when you can have just what you want and need?

Get to Know Your Local Custom
Home Builder in Charleston, SC

Having spent years working in the Charleston area, Andy Meihaus, owner of Meihaus Construction Group, has built an impressive reputation for creating superior homes. If you’re thinking about building a home, you want the confidence of knowing your home builder and knowing that they are dedicated to your dream home.

There’s never been a better time to work with local professionals who care about building a relationship with their clients. That’s what we do.

You need your home builder

What’s the Most Important Decision for You?

When you decide it’s time to move, and you want to build a custom home that’s just right for you and your family, your first step is to find a home builder you can rely on. As trusted custom home builders in Charleston, South Carolina, Meihaus Construction Group assures you’ll receive the quality of service you desire. We listen to your needs and provide you with one-on-one support throughout the entire process. You can feel confident we’re working to build your custom home alongside you.

ou can build your dream home

Build Your Dream Home

It sounds cliché but you can build your custom dream home. Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter plan that other national home builders offer. They often build homes from a handful of plans offering minimal changes and customizations. We’re different. Meihaus Construction Group allows you to build a home that’s designed just for you.

Most importantly, you want to build a home from the ground up that’s designed to your tastes and to meet your specific goals. It’s more than just choosing colors and materials. We help you design the entire structure in the way that will work best for you and your family.

We’re a Company with Local Roots

When you hire us as your custom home builder in Charleston, South Carolina, you get reliable results. You also work with a team that’s local. Andy has local roots here. He’s raising his children here. He’s a part of the community you’ll be living in. Because of this, we take pride in providing truly personal help to our clients. We believe in building relationships that matter and last for years to come. Let’s work together to make sure each one of your goals is met.

With years of experience in the community and in the industry as a whole, Meihaus Construction Group is recognized as a professional, reliable custom home builder in Charleston, SC. Building for this length of time in Charleston has allowed us to get to know the local community and build a reputation here. We encourage you to learn more about the work we do by reaching out to our clients and customers. We’re happy to offer referrals for the work we’ve completed in this area.

control the process every step of the way

Build on Your Lot

Do you already own real estate that you want to build a home on? Do you plan to build on that perfect lot nestled into a beautiful community in Charleston or perhaps one of the more remote areas where you can enjoy some privacy? We can help you. Our team works with you to build on your lot. That means you are not limited to what you can accomplish or build.

If you build a home within a subdivision that’s already owned by the builder, you’re limited in terms of what you can accomplish there. When you buy a lot anywhere you want to own it – and then work with a true custom home builder in Charleston, South Carolina – you gain the ability to control the process every step of the way.

A Truly Custom Home Is Not Out of Reach

Here’s what’s most important for home buyers today. You don’t have to settle for a home that’s already on the market and filled with problems or upgrade needs. You don’t have to choose a cookie-cutter home that looks nice but lacks character and inspiration. Instead, you can comprehensively construct a home that’s right for you.

Today, it’s more affordable than ever to not just buy a home – but to build one. Why use a national builder that’s interested in profits? Instead, choose one that’s working to build lasting relationships. Our clients become lifelong friends to our company and our family. We’re happy to help welcome you to the process. You can build your home – you don’t need to settle for anything less.

A custom design with outstanding features that appeal to you
Get the right builder for you
A fully customized home that you simply love living in

Why Trust Meihaus Construction Group?

  • We have the experience to impress you with superior workmanship.
  • Our local, trusted business has roots in the Charleston area. We’re here to stay.
  • Our team of skilled technicians and craftsmen pay attention to details.
  • You’ll always have someone to talk to and learn from when you reach out to us.
  • You’ll have fewer limitations and more opportunities to explore here.

What Can Your Custom Home Offer You?

  • A custom design with outstanding features that appeal to you.
  • True luxury real estate utilizing modern designs and ample character.
  • Spaces designed to facilitate the lifestyle you are living.
  • Superior material choices built to last and offer the look you desire.
  • A fully customized home – one that you simply love living in.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Ultimate
Goal During The Home Building Process

When you’ve decided to build your custom home, you need a builder that looks forward to working with you with an exceptional reputation and a portfolio of solid examples of the work they’ve done. We engage with you every step of the way, helping you to achieve your very best finished product – one that you will love and we’ll be proud to have built for you.

At Meihaus Construction Group, we’re here to impress you. That starts with the first conversation we have with you to the final product. When you’re ready to learn more from our custom home builder in Charleston, SC, contact us for a consultation. We’re happy to help you get the ideas flowing, the designs created, and the building started.

Reach out to our team at Meihaus Construction Group today for a comprehensive consultation. It starts with one phone call.