About Andy Meihaus

A Lifetime of Building Infused In Every Project

Andy Meihaus has had a lifetime of experience understanding how to best turn a patch of ground into a functional building.  Born into a construction family that supplied cement and concrete for pipe girders in Texas, Andy studied the industry at Texas A&M in the construction management program. 

Graduating in 1999, he began to work in insurance mitigation to manage damage and expenses from fires, floods, and natural disasters.  His work experience on construction projects in Texas, California, and South Carolina gave him the skills needed to construct beautiful and functional buildings.  All the while he worked for construction companies, however, Andy realized that what he truly valued was being his own boss and managing his own business.  

Award Winning Homes & Buildings

His goal of creating his own company would come to fruition in 2010, when he met a preliminary partner who had the capital and sales experience needed to get Renew Urban off the ground.

Despite the pressure of the recession, Andy’s work ethic allowed the business to flourish: each successful project led to referrals, growing both the company’s reputation and its project lists. 

His partnership succeeded, in part, because Andy had the responsibilities over all building operations: he got to pick the workers, the plans, and the final decisions for Renew Urban’s projects. This resulted in superb constructions and renovations that won many awards, including the city of Charleston’s Design Award.

The Start Of Meihaus Construction

By the end of the decade, it became clear to Andy that he needed to build a new company altogether to capitalize on the trend towards smaller-scale construction and renovation.  While Renew Urban managed some of the largest construction projects in the city, Andy understood how many homeowners are in search of affordable options for building or renovating. 

His goal to meet this growing market led to him developing an entirely new business outfit, Meihaus Construction Group, in 2020, with the goal of serving smaller homeowners and property developers.

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While 2020 was not a year of great news for many people, Andy was lucky enough to start operations while the COVID-19 pandemic created new priorities in commercial and residential real estate. 

As more workers leave their sprawling office buildings behind to get jobs done from their own home – a trend that Andy believes is only going to grow over time, even after the pandemic ends – Meihaus Construction Group is perfectly situated to develop home offices and build small-scale business centers. 

One Of The Top Rated Contractors In Charleston, SC

After decades of experience in the industry, Andy understands how so many homeowners are frustrated with the options and expenses of construction.  Meihaus Construction Group is devoted to customers who don’t have the largest budgets or the longest timelines, and instead are looking to renovate a kitchen, expand a garage, or even build a mancave. 

Andy’s award-winning portfolio can help you to plan your home improvement project with the certainty that his team can complete it to satisfaction at lower costs than larger construction companies in Charleston, SC.